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Is it also possible to get ready for TeamDesk via the mobile app?


Currently, it is not possible to change the TeamDesk status in the app. However, we can offer the following workaround:

Open the configuration of your XPhone Connect client and navigate to Presence. Here you can either customize an existing presence profile, or create a new one. If you link the presence profile to the "Ready" status of TeamDesk, you will automatically be logged into TeamDesk when you use this profile. With the mobile app, you can then simply set the profile and you are logged into TeamDesk. To log out again you then just have to select a profile without the "Ready" status.

Please note that calls can only arrive at your phone if you have Follow-Me enabled.


Call distribution also works on Follow-Me with the described workaround via the presence status.

It is important here that you set under the device management > Advanced > Call is not accepted > Redirect after sec > to greater than 10 seconds, otherwise it may be that the call is already gone at the first ring.

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