Why does a warning appear when managing licenses on XPhone Connect Server?


Question: Why does XPhone Connect Server display a warning in the license management area or at the site?

Explanation: Please note that in a location or configuration group, all licenses activated in the "Settings" tab are debited for all users created.  
If you move the mouse pointer over the warning notice (exclamation mark symbol) in the location or configuration group, the sublicensed functions are displayed. These functions must either be re-licensed or the corresponding users must be distributed to other locations or configuration groups. In the configuration groups, the desired functions are enabled or disabled in the "Settings" section.

Solution for Office / Office Plus licenses: To use only Office licenses for a site or configuration group, the Office Plus functions must be deactivated. Navigate to the respective location or configuration group and open the tab "Settings". 

  • Dashboard and Mobile App: Under "Connect Client" uncheck "Use Dashboard" and "Use Mobile Client
  • Softphone/AnyDevice and conference service: Under "Telephony", uncheck "Use Softphone", "Use AnyDevice" and at the very bottom "Use conference service
  • Collaboration: For "Collaboration", select the option "Do not use this function".

Solution for fax and voicemail: If you do not have enough fax or voicemail licenses, navigate to the respective location or configuration group and open the "Settings" tab. Configure for all locations or configuration groups that should not use fax or voicemail as follows:

  • Fax: Under "Fax" select the option "Do not use this feature".
  • Voicemail: Under "Voicemail" select the option "Do not use this feature".

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