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Why are printed faxes displayed in a reduced size?


Incoming Fax, that are printed directly via the UM server, are printed in the wrong size (generally smaller).

  • Open in the web administration of the UM server the SETTINGS -> UM -> FAX -> GENERAL. 
  • If not opened, click on ADVANCED SETTINGS in the lower area.
  • Check if the parameter "Fax2Print2\ScaleMode" is there. If yes, edit the entry and set the value to 4 or 5.
  • Save the settings two times (save the advanced parameter and do not forget to save the main site Fax -> General).
  • If the value isn't there, add a new parameter and choose the value "Fax2Print\ScaleMode" out of the dropdown menu and set the value to 5. Save two times as well.

Explanation of the values for ScaleMode:
SCALEMODE 1 (Standard): Scale mode that is used standardly by fax2print
SCALEMODE 2 (CLIPPING): Prints exactly one page per graphic
SCALEMODE 3 (NONE): Prints the graphic as it is 
SCALEMODE 4 (FACTOR): Prints the graphic with a constant factor, the aspect ratio stays as it is
SCALEMODE 5 (FIT2PAGE): Prints the graphic as big as possible with the size of the site in mind

Disclaimer: Values higher than 5 are not possible. If the Fax doesn't reach 100% site even if the value of ScaleMode is set to 5, it may be caused by the fax header that has to be implemented which is the reason why the fax scales a little bit smaller than the original.

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