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Why do my UM dialing parameters only take effect for the main location?



Why do my UM dialing parameters only take effect for the main site?


Assuming that each extension exists only once across sites, you can proceed as follows:

In the administration interface, open SYSTEM SETTINGS > UM > GENERAL. There you will find the parameter "NumberSearchFormats" under "Advanced Settings".

The values of the entry "i,+can,0an,00can" have the following meaning:

i = internal phone number (extension)

+can = international format starting with +

c = country / country code

a = area code

n = number / main number (contains the extension number)

0an = national format

00can = international format starting with 00

You can now store the numbers of the other locations behind it:

Example: i,+can,0an,00can,+491111111i,+492222222i,...

Please note that the "i" must not be missing after the newly added numbers.

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