How can I activate the XPhone fax control characters in the setup?


How can the control characters of the "XPhone Fax" printer be activated while it is installing?

Generally the following values are possible. Change the bold values below as needed:

C4BMAILMERGE=0         No control character recognition
C4BMAILMERGE=1         control character recognition via "@" symbols
C4BMAILMERGE=2         control character recognition via "#" symbols

For XPhone UC 2011:

From XPhone UC V4.4.x and newer you can activate the control characters via the file setup.ini of the "XPhone UC" setup in the subfolder "Setup32" or "Setup64" manually.
Change the value of "C4BMAILMERGE" in the following line:


For XPhone Connect:

You can also activate the control characters in the XPhone Connect setup directory. In the install directory navigate to

[...]\Clients\Setup32\FaxPrinterDriver\Desktop_x86 or 
[...]\Clients\Setup64\FaxPrinterDriver\Desktop_x64, depending on your operating system.

In the corresponding "setup.ini"-file you can change the following (rightclick > Edit):
Change the line which can look similar to this:

CmdLine=REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vaums /L*v %WINDIR%\C4BSetupLog_FaxPrinter64UM.txt



You can find the online documentation here:

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