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Why are fax or voicemail messages not being delivered to users?


When an external e-mail server is used, e.g. Microsoft Exchange or IBM Domino Server: incoming fax or voicemail messages are accepted by the XPhone Server but not received by the user. In addition, no delivery confirmations are sent for fax or text messages.

Possible causes:

* On the server administration interface a sender address is entered under E-MAIL-GATEWAY in the area "SENDER IDENTIFICATION" which the external e-mail server does not accept, for example, because it contains spaces. Enter a valid e-mail format for sender identification. Also make sure that the e-mail address specified there does not belong to any of the XPhone Server users.

* Additionally, ensure that the e-mail server being used, e.g. Microsoft Exchange, accepts the messages and does not treat them as spam. Note that when Microsoft Exchange Servers are used a reception connector must be set up. For configuration information, refer to our connection documentation for Microsoft Exchange Servers

* Make sure the root domain is not entered as the "address domain" under UM> FAX> GENERAL, e.g. not "," but rather "," or any other address space other than your main domain, e.g. ""

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