Incorrect search hits for database connection via Virtual Directory (primary key case sensitive)


Search hits from any Virtual Directory data source will display incorrect search hits. In the data source, there are primary keys with partially identical contents that differ only in upper and lower case. If you want to display the detail view of a hit in UC Commander, the wrong contact may be opened.

In the XPhone Connect Directory, the primary key associated with the XPhone Connect Directory EntryID field is handled casein-sensitive. However, if a data source contains contacts for which the EntryID is only case-sensitive, they can no longer be uniquely referenced. 

This can be solved by the following workarounds:

In case of a CSV-Data Source 
In the mapping dialog, you can store the C# code encoding the EntryID Base32 in the filter settings for the EntryID field ("funnel" symbol on the right).

In case of additional Data Sources
Multiple mapping to the EntryID field ensures that the value is unique. This workaround works for every data source type for which the EntryID column can be mapped freely. 
This is not possible for data source types with fixed EntryID coding, such as Salesforce.

In case of using Salesforce
Use a different field for the EntryID (primary key). For example, if Salesforce is connected via CSV, the 18-character ID must be exported.

Use Salesforce adapter instead of CSV import.

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