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Active Directory: Avoid display of duplicate / deactivated contacts



How can I hide contacts that already exist in the XPhone user data source from the AD data source?


How can I remove disabled Active Directory contacts from the AD data source / AD connector?


Filter contacts from the data source:

  1.  open the Connect Directory and then the AD data source.
  2.  navigate to the "Filter" item
  3.  uncheck "Users" and "Contacts" and check "Restricted by the following filter condition".
  4.  add the filter and adjust the components:


The filter means in words: Displayed are all AD users that are not members of the security group "users" and are not disabled.

Help: If you want to specify multiple security groups, line them up first:


Copy and replace the X at the beginning in the following filter with this:


Then paste the result as a filter in the data source configuration.


Save the settings. This will recreate the index.

Filter contacts from the connector:

  1. create a new AD connector or open an existing one.
  2. navigate to the "Select data origin" item
  3. select the "Result of a search query" item
  4. specify the path to search from and enter the filter:



5. Save the settings and run the connector again.

(Note: If you have edited an existing connector, the connector must run through three times, as only then will users that no longer exist be deleted).

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