How can I check if my LDAP Client interface correctly works?


A LDAP client interface has been configured in the XPhone Connect Directory. How can I check if it works?

1. Download and install the free Softerra LDAP Browser (Important: Choose the "Softerra LDAP Browser", not the "Softerra LDAP Administrator")

2. Click New > New Profile...

LDAP Browser - Create New Profile...

3. Choose a new profile name (you can choose that freely) and click on "continue"
4. In the "Host Information" area, enter the data that you have configured in the LDAP Client Interface. If you have not installed the Softerra LDAP Browser on the XPhone Connect Server machine, enter the IP address of the XPhone server instead of "localhost". Select "vdir=VDir" as Base DN. Click on "continue"

LDAP Browser - Base DN

5. Specify the login information that the Softerra LDAP Browser should use to connect to the LDAP Client Interface. You have specified this information in the LDAP Client Interface. For simple tests it is recommended to select the anonymous authentication ("Anonymous user") and configure the LDAP Client Interface accordingly.
6. Uncheck the checkbox on the same page called "Try matching the credentials required for referral rebind."
7. Click on "finish"

You should now be able to find your profile in the left tree structure:

LDAP Browser - Profile created

If you expand the "adapter=*", you should now get as many results as you have configured the hit list limitation in the LDAP client interface. These results are the contacts found and start with "entryID=...".

To search for specific contacts, you can adjust the search filter in the upper status bar. It is important that you have selected the "adapter" in the tree structure on the left:

LDAP Browser - Check Results

If you can find all the contacts you want using the Softerra LDAP Browser, the LDAP Client Interface will work correctly and you will need to look elsewhere for a possible source of error.

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