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What is the JournalAdapter?



What is the JournalAdapter? / Why is the JournalAdapter shown to me as a data source in the contact card?



The server journal does a caller search for each entry and remembers a small selection of the contact's data in the journal, including the contact's unique RefID (all databases have such a RefID).

When displayed on the client, the journal returns this "selection of data" in a contact object whose adapter is called "JournalAdapter" (either there is no useful display name or this is not optimal).

However, the contact card tries to find the "original contact" for each contact. In case of success the original contact with its known adapter is displayed and the journal contact with its adapter is invisible.

If the "JournalAdapter" is displayed, this can have the following causes:

  • Client is offline and contact is out of the directory
  • The contact has been deleted in the meantime or the user cannot access it (anymore).
  • The VDir is no longer able to find the RefID.


You can simulate this by creating a contact in the contact list for an external number, making a call to this number so that the journal entry shows this contact, then deleting the contact and opening the journal entry again.

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