How does the data source and client interface phone number conversion work?

  • The index ALWAYS saves the phone numbers with format 0049...
  • The "Phone number conversion" (selection above) in the client interface is responsible for the incoming phone number search, i.e. the client interface receives the order to search for a phone number. The dialing parameter is used to fill incomplete phone numbers, but in general it is mainly used to transfer the phone number into the format 0049...
  • The "Phone number format" (selection below) in the Client Interface is responsible for the phone number transfer to the Client Interface by the data source. This means that if the client interface receives a phone number (e.g. by searching for a name), this setting determines the format in which the phone number is transmitted.
  • The data source also converts the phone numbers for the index into the format 0049 using the "phone number conversion". If no conversion is selected, the client interface must supply the phone number in the exact format as it appears in the database so that a contact can be found.

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