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How can I notify the administrator when a user is deleted by connectors?


After the third connector run, the Active Directory or text connector deletes all users that no longer fall within the filter criteria, for example, users are no longer members of the relevant security group in the Active Directory. 
What needs to be configured so that the administrator is notified by e-mail before users in the XPhone Server are deleted from the Text or Active Directory connector?
Open the atlas.xml file in the XPhone Server program directory with a text editor.
Various settings can be made in the "Connectors" branch: 


<Recipient name=""/> 
<Retrys count="3"/> 
<Sender name=""/> 
<Severity level="3"/> 
<warninglevel percent="25"/> 
<listusers value="true"/> 
<minimum_users_2_delete count="4"/> 
<warning_cycles_before_delete value="2"/> 

Explanation of the parameters: 

MailServer: Name and port of the e-mail server. The name must be resolvable via DNS or an IP address must be specified.  
The mail server must accept and forward mails without authentication.  
The protocol is SMTP 

Recipient name: Recipient of the e-mail 
Retry's count: Number of attempts to send an email. If this does not work, then there will be no further warnings for this run.  
Sender name: E-mail address of the sender.  
Severity level: Fixed level for warnings. Is permanently set to "3  
Warninglevel percent: Percentage of users to be deleted before a warning is sent.  
listusers value: "true", if a list of the users to be deleted should be in the e-mail, otherwise "false".  
minimum_users_2_delete count: Warnings are only sent if the number of users to be deleted is at least <count>.  
warning_cycles_before_delete value: Specifies how many cycles before the admin is warned about deletions Value range: 1 - 3 

General information:  

  • After the settings / changes in atlas.xml have been made, they must be saved and the "XPhone UC Server" service restarted.  
  • This setting applies to all connectors.  
  • When a connector starts a deletion run, it passes a list of objects to be checked to the service. The service checks for each individual object, separately by type, whether it is to be deleted or whether it stops.  

If it is to be deleted in the next three cycles, it is entered in the e-mail list and the counter is incremented.  
After the list has been processed, it is decided whether an e-mail must be sent. The e-mail is created and sent to the e-mail system if the percentage of users to be deleted is greater than the threshold below <warninglevel percent="25"/>. (In the example 25 percent)  

The e-mail dispatch still checks the entry <Severity level="3"/>. If this is below "3", the e-mail will not be sent. This corresponds to the setting if nothing is configured in atlas.xml.  

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