Why is the dashboard not displayed in the XPhone Connect Client/Toast?

  • Problem: 

The dashboard is not displayed in XPhone Connect Client/Toast.


You can perform an analysis by activating "Online Logging" in the XPhone Connect Client configuration under the point "Logging". In this case, the "Dashboard" tab is displayed. Here you can click on a "Log" button to obtain a diagnosis in the browser. Possible causes could be:

  • The appropriate data source was not selected in the dashboard
  • A condition has been configured in the dashboard which is not met
  • The appropriate client in the dashboard was not selected, for example "ConnectClient" or "Toast".
  • The caller was not found in any data source and the parameter "Dashboard.ForceEmptySearch" was not stored in the location, see: https://www.c4b.com/en/knowledgebase/dashboard/dashboard-search-without-contact-data.php

If the "Dashboard" tab is not displayed despite "Online Logging" being activated, the display is probably blocked by some security settings. For this case, open Internet Options and add the URL of the XPhone Connect Server machine as a trusted site:


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