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Why are the created .pcap files empty when logging AnyDevice/Softphone?



The analysis for the call setup for AnyDevice calls or when using softphones is required. Logging in the XPhone Connect Server web administration has been activated in the Logging -> Telephony Gateways area for the XCC and the corresponding SIP trunk.
Checking the log files has shown that the ".pcap" files are only displayed as one kilobyte file size. If these files are opened, no content is displayed.


When using the NPcap analysis tool, all network interfaces of the server (including internal interfaces) are used for selection. By default, the loopback interface with ID "0" and the first interface with ID "1" are always used for analysis. If the interface with the ID "1" is not an Ethernet interface with an active connection, no data is written for data protection reasons.
The trace interface must then be defined in the settings of the XCC SIP trunk.

The trace interface must then be defined in the settings of the XCC SIP trunk.


The current version of XPhone Connect Server must have been installed.
The NPcap must be installed on the XPhone Connect Server.

Checking the ID of the respective interface

In the XPhone Connect Server web administration, select the diagnosis of the corresponding SIP trunk. Search for the "TraceInterface" parameter and write down the value.
If the parameter cannot be found, please check the patches of the server via the Support Info Collector and install the missing patches if necessary.
Start Windows Powershell and change to the XPhone Connect Server installation path. If this is installed in the C: drive, the command to change the path is as follows:
cd '.\Program Files\C4B\XPhone Connect Server'""
Start the Windump program using the following call:
C:\Program Files\C4B\XPhone Connect Server> .\WinDump.exe -D
You then receive the output of the interface. The output can look as follows:


This shows that the loopback interface uses the ID "1" and the network card has the ID "4".

Selection of the Ethernet adapter

In the V8, the adapter can be selected via a drop-down in the SIP trunk:



After the SIP trunk has restarted, enable logging of the trunk and make a test call. Open the *.pcap files and check if these files have any content.

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