How can I change the CLIP for AnyDevice and Softphone calls?



By default, the main phone number of the user is signalled in the CLIP for AnyDevice or softphone calls. How can I configure a different phone number to be displayed in the CLIP?


The CLIP refers to the fields "Remote Party ID" or "P-Asserted-Identity" in the SIP header. In the XPhone Connect administration interface, navigate to Telephony > Lines and edit the AnyDevice (!) line you want to change. AnyDevice lines are marked with (AnyDevice) in the line name. Open the "Advanced Settings" area and add the parameter AssistedDialCLIP with the value of the desired phone number. 
The phone number can be entered as a value in the following formats:

  • Extension, e.g. 123 
  • International, e.g. 0049891234567123
  • International (E.164), e.g. +49891234567123


XPhone Connect Version 7.0.95 (Server)

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