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Why does AnyDevices Follow-Me switch off when changing?


This behavior was previously only observed when using an OpenScape 4000. When switching from AnyDevice, the Follow-Me jumps to off > on > off and remains switched off.

Here is a workaround:


  • Open the XPhone Connect Server administration interface and select a line (not the AnyDevice line) under Telephony > Lines where the above behavior occurs.
  • Open the "Diagnosis". Search there for the value "CSTAFlags".
  • Copy the numeric value immediately after the '=' into a pocket calculator (decimal)
  • Subsequently subtract '8589934592' (also decimal) from this value and save this new value as parameter "CSTAFlags" in the advanced settings of the CTI line.
  • Test the behavior again


If this setting helps, you can distribute the value for all lines:


  • Edit the PBX gateway under "Telephony > Gateways > Fixed Network".
  • Tab "Parameter sets for lines (extended settings)"
  • Edit the "Standard"
  • Now set the value "CSTAFlags" with the calculated value from above via "Add...".


Note that the value can only be traced in the line diagnostics; it is not stored in the extended settings of the lines.

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