Why can't I create an AnyDevice line?



No AnyDevice line can be created via the AnyDevice / Softphone configuration. This could be because the dial parameter for the SIP trunk was edited by special values such as "flags", or no dial parameters were added to the SIP trunk for unique number identification.

Solution 1:

If, for example, the attribute Flags with the value "304" is set in the dial parameters, the check of the internal phone number must be deactivated via the "atlas.xml" when generating lines for AnyDevice lines. In the "atlas.xml" the following value must therefore be added in the "Configuration" section: <Telephony PBXAutoConfig="64"/>

Atlas.xml PBXAutoConfig

Attention: For the changes made to the "atlas.xml" to take effect, the XPhone Connect Server service must be restarted.

Solution 2:

Another reason may be that an attempt is made to create an AnyDevice line for a user whose phone number has no SIP dialing parameter.

  • Create another dial parameter that corresponds to your existing landline dial parameter and name it e.g. "Munich SIP".
  • Add the dial parameter to your SIP gateway under "Telephony > Gateways > SIP" by selecting the SIP gateway and clicking on "Create lines".
  • Click on "Add..." and add your SIP dialing parameter with the entire number range (marked by *):
SIP gateway creating lines

  • Click on Save.
  • (Repeat that for each and every one of your dialing paramters)
  • IMPORTANT: Finish the process in the following window by clicking on "Close" and do not press the "Create lines" button

SIP Gateway dialing parameter "Close"

The AnyDevice lines should now be able to be created correctly.

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