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Why does the call forwarding to the SIP gateway number fail? (Follow-Me cannot be set)


Scenario 1

In XPhone Connect Client, you select the 'Softphone Desktop' (V9) as the active device, for example, or you activate the Follow-Me function (V8), but call forwarding is not set (Follow-Me deactivates again immediately).

V5 to V8



If you click on 'Follow-Me on' in V8, the option immediately jumps back to 'Follow-Me off'.

V9 and newer



If you activate an AnyDevice / Softphone in V9, there is no active call forwarding in the call forwarding dialog.


In this case, the user's primary line is unable to redirect to the SIP gateway number.


It must be possible to set call forwarding to the SIP gateway phone number via the Connect Client for the office device. Check the PBX configuration until this is possible.

Scenario 2

In the XPhone Connect Client the Follow-Me function is activated, the option also remains set to 'Follow-Me on', but no call forwarding is set. This can be recognized in the V8 Client by the fact that the redirection symbol is missing in the upper left corner next to the presence information. In the V9 client, the detection is the same as in scenario 1.


This behavior occurs when a user's primary line is not operational in an AnyDevice-with-tablephone configuration.


Check the AnyDevice user's trunk line by....

1) ...selecting the office device in the Connect Client


2) ...checking the line status in the XPhone Connect administration interface under Telephony > Lines.

If the line is not operational (e.g. 'Restricted telephony functionality' in the client or red dot in the administration interface), please check the line status in the PBX and the system phone. Follow-Me can only be set correctly when the main line is working.

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