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Known XPhone Connect V8 malfunctions


1. Behavior: TeamDesk (previously only in conjunction with Innovaphone).


When an agent uses his CTI device, calls are not transferred. The logon status in the agent's Connect Client jumps from "Ready" to "Logged off", possibly multiple times.


The Innovaphone (or possibly other PBX systems) cannot handle the E.164 format we use to send to the hardphone.


Solution 1)

Change the phone number format to internal:

Store the parameter XccCTIAgentCallingNumberFormat (case sensitive) in the SIP trunk to the Innovaphone (Telephony > Gateways > SIP) in "Advanced settings" and assign the value 4.

Here the possible values with meaning:

1 - in E164 (default)

2 - international with 00 instead of +

3 - international without 00

4 - internal extension

Solution 2)

Change configuration within Innovaphone:

In the XCC the default value for XccCTIAgentCallingNumberFormat remains at 1 (E.164), i.e. nothing has to be set in the XPhone Connect Server. In the gateway of the PBX which goes to the C4B XCC, the value CDPN In must be set to International 49xxxxx so that the outside line header is shortened down to the extension. This will cause the phone number to be displayed correctly.

2 Behavior: Name resolution in the TeamDesk queue

In the detail view of the queue callers are not or only sporadically resolved

It is about this view:


The behavior is fixed and is currently being tested. A patch is expected in the next few days.

3. Behavior: "VDir-Webclient" does not return any hits


Download the following patch:

  • Unpack downloaded archive
  • Stop XPhone Connect 8 Server service
  • Copy downloaded and unzipped file VDirWebClient.dll into XPhone Connect Server root directory and replace existing file
  • Start XPhone Connect 8 Server service

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