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  • Why are the created .pcap files empty when logging AnyDevice/Softphone?

    The analysis for the call setup for AnyDevice calls or when using softphones is required. The log files itself showed that the ".pcap" files are only displayed as one kilobyte file size. If these files are opened, no content is displayed.

  • How can a dashboard be displayed if no contact information can be obtained?

    The XPhone Connect client only searches in the default for dashboards if an identified contact exists. In some cases, it may be necessary to display a dashboard even if no contact data has been found.

  • Why is the dashboard not displayed in the XPhone Connect Client/Toast?

    If the configuration is not correct, there may be a dashboard-display-error in the XPhone Connect Client/Toast. This article explains how to display the dashboard again.

  • Why can't I see or configure parts of my Connect Client?

    When the XPhone Connect Client is started, it gets a connection to the XPhone Connect Server, but the profile picture, presence display, Outlook Integration or just one of these items is missing. When trying to save changed settings, e.g. hotkeys, an error message appears.

  • XPhone Connect: What ports are being used (Firewall)?

    Exceptions in the Firewall for XPhone Connect (but not XCAPI!) are configured right after the installation of the XPhone Connect Server or XPhone Connect Client. Check, if needed, if the following Ports are blocked by other used Firewalls.

  • How can I change the phone number format for an AnyDevice call in the To-header?

    How can I change the number format of an AnyDevice outbound call in the To header of the SIP invite? Different PBX may expect a different format for the call number in the To header of the SIP invite. To change the phone number format, you can set the parameter "Flags".

  • Why can't I create an AnyDevice line?

    No AnyDevice line can be created via the AnyDevice / Softphone configuration. This could be because the dial parameter for the SIP trunk was edited by special values such as "flags", or no dial parameters were added to the SIP trunk for unique number identification.

  • How long will Analytics data be stored?

    How long will the statistic data for XPhone Connect Analytics be stored and can be displayed for the Analytics Team leader?

  • How can I connect more than one Avaya IP Office via TAPI?

    XPhone is able to manage any number of PBXs on an XPhone Connect Server. The restriction here is on the Avaya IP Office page. The IP Office TAPI Service Provider can only connect one (!) IP Office. As far as we know, it is not possible to install several "instances" of the TAPI Service Provider of the IP Office on one Windows server. For this reason, only one IP Office can be connected to an XPhone Connect Server by default. However, there is a workaround for this.

  • Why don't I get a journal entry for a Follow-Me call?

    The user has activated an AnyDevice with Follow-Me function in his XPhone Connect Client. Although the AnyDevice is correctly called during an incoming call, no journal entry can be found in the XPhone Connect Client after the call.

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