Webcast: "Connecting Skype with Business"

Thu, 22.02.2018, 11:00 clock -
11:45 clock

45 minutes
free of charge

Bridge the gap between Skype for Business and business applications such as ERP & CRM: 

With XPhone Connect, you can extend Skype by numerous valuable features - based on standard interfaces instead of expensive programming!

  • Connection of various data sources (SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics, etc.).
  • Flexible free text search across all data sources - directly in the Skype-Client.
  • Reliable caller identification based on connected databases.
  • The AppLink Dashboard allows you to display any information from ERP, CRM & Co.(e.g. client ID, term of payment, etc.).
  • The AppLink Client allows you to start actions directly in the connected applications (e. g. create a sales opportunity, write a call note, etc.).
  • Customized views for each team.
  • Automatic dashboard view: e.g. at incoming or outgoing calls or chats.
  • Create any number of dashboards with the Dashboard Designer via drag & drop.

We will show in our 45-minute live presentation:

  • which features does XPhone Connect AppLink offer,
  • which databases and applications can be connected,
  • how to integrate the database via drag & drop,
  • how to design your own dashboard in just a few steps, 
  • Which data platforms and applications can be connected,
  • the licensing model.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your C4B-Team

Connecting Skype with Business

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