CTI- and UC-Software for abas ERP


The more in-depth ERP software is integrated, the greater the benefits it reveals. Thanks to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), you can connect your entire business communication directly with your abas Business Suite: Make calls or send faxes directly from abas. 

Thanks to caller ID, your colleagues know who's on the other end as soon as the phone starts to ring. The abas data set on the respective caller can be opened automatically if necessary. With the result that complex searches for the right data sets are a thing of the past. And entirely without data replication.

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The integration is available for the following XPhone solutions:

Depending on the deployed XPhone-solution and the IT infrastructure the range of functions varies.

Service features
Supported versions

Our services

  • Automatic recording of all abas contacts
  • Swift access to data without complicated replication
  • Caller ID on the basis of abas data sets
  • Making phone calls directly from abas
  • Sending and receiving faxes directly from abas
  • Data sets on incoming callers can be automatically opened in the abas screen
  • All contact data is also available when you are on the road (smartphone & tablet)

More value for you

  • no complex searches for data sets
  • no mistyping phone numbers & addresses
  • Data is transferred automatically

  • abas Business Suite

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